Data Breach Reviews and DSARs

Data Breach Reviews and DSARs

Dealing with a data breach can be a very laborious task. Fortunately, CYFOR can assist with guiding you through the process of identifying relevant data sources. Preserving the data in a forensically sound manner, so as not to change the metadata of the files of interest. Processing the collected data and indexing it, to make it easier to identify relevant or ‘high risk’ documents quickly and efficiently. Presenting the data in a way that is easier to analyse, interpret and review. Our eDiscovery Consultants have developed an effective workflow for a data breach and review of PII cases. CYFOR are flexible and can amend their current workflows to ensure it is right for you.

A client came to us with a problem concerning a compromised server. Thankfully, there was a backup of the data contained on the server, which was forensically collected and analysed. The aim was to review all the data contained on the compromised drive. Categorising the documents by levels of risk and impacted clients. As with all Cyber incidents, time is of the essence and CYFOR were able to assist very quickly. Acquiring and processing the documents ready for review. The documents undergo a number of parameters and analytical features to assist with the narrowing and targeting of potentially, higher risk data to be reviewed first. Our highly motivated and knowledgeable consultants worked around the clock to ensure the quick and efficient preparation of the data. This subsequently led to our clients being very happy with the service provided, which led to the client signing a retainer for future projects.



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