DSAR Cases

As leading eDiscovery experts, CYFOR Legal has efficiently completed numerous Data Subject Access Requests, and greatly reduced the volume of data to present relevant information to clients. Below are a some of our successful projects:

Case Study 1

CYFOR Legal assisted a UK-based cinema chain with its response to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). A former employee had requested all their data to be identified and removed from the organisation’s systems.

The total amount of data CYFOR collected amounted to approximately 650,000 documents including emails, payroll details, and HR documents. By utilising our advanced DSAR search and filtering software, including email threading and redaction tools, CYFOR Legal was able to reduce the data and produce 17,000 relevant documents ready for review, disclosure, and deletion. The DSAR completed within the standard 30-day time restraints.

Data Reduction: 650,000 documents > 17,000 documents

Reviewers: 2

Turnaround: 5 days

Case Study 2

CYFOR Legal were approached by a Law firm whose client requested assistance in completing a complex DSAR. The total data size collected from the client’s servers amounted to 153GB. Applying email threading to the data set enabled the team that was reviewing the data to determine relevance as efficiently as possible.

The client provided CYFOR Legal with key names, terms, and phrases. Allowing any irrelevant or unsuitable information within the data set to be redacted and ready for disclosure. Following de-duplication, file type, keyword, and date range filtering. The data uploaded for review appeared reduced from 153GB to 13GB.

Data Reduction: 153GB > 13GB

Reviewers: 1

Turnaround: 17 days

Case Study 3

CYFOR Legal supported a telecommunications company with a last-minute DSAR and collected approximately 18,500 documents. The client had delayed reacting to the DSAR and only had 23 days remaining to complete the request, as opposed to the 30-day limit.

The team integrated advanced data analytics into the data set, resulting in a significant reduction to 3,500 documents, and the DSAR completed within its deadline.

Data Reduction: 15,500 documents > 3,500 documents

Reviewers: 4

Turnaround: 23 days


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