How We Deal With Large Data Sets

How We Deal With Large Data Sets

Combining CYFOR’s digital forensic capabilities, CYFOR Legal has successfully preserved and collected many terabytes of electronically stored information (ESI). This spans a variety of business servers and data sets. This data was securely booked into CYFOR’s secure evidence store in the Manchester HQ. And, subsequently processed with an array of powerful processing and indexing tools.

The successful processing of the collected data sets resulted in a multi-million document review. Through bespoke-built scripts, the data was then parsed and filtered to narrow down the data set further. A number of intelligent parameters were applied to the data sets utilising a plethora of analytics tools to reduce the total reviewable document count.

The sets undergo a rigorous quality-checking process, to ensure all documents can be indexed and made searchable. This rigorous filtering process saved our clients many hours in manual review, equating to a massive reduction in review costs.


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