International Digital Forensic Acquisitions

CYFOR Legal have been instrumental in the digital forensic data collection and acquisition processes in a number of multinational, multi-jurisdictional litigation cases.

We have dealt with highly sensitive, renowned cases, collecting data using a number of forensically sound methods. This includes Linux node servers to speed up the process of multiple concurrent device acquisitions simultaneously. CYFOR Legal have the capability of forensically acquiring virtually every digital device. All ranging from mobile telecommunication devices, laptops, servers, removable media etc. Our highly trained, security-cleared (SC), and qualified forensic investigators can collect data from a multitude of digital devices.


What our experts do

Our consultants provide our clients with a cost-effective, holistic approach to data acquisition. They can assess the situation and case specifics. Allowing them to advise on the best approach to maximise data sources, and balance the probability of relevance. This targeted approach at collection, can not only save time, but it can also save resources and client budget.

CYFOR Legal have been instructed in numerous cases whereby data has been provided in Hard Copy format (HC). As well as scanned documents, receipts, emails etc. These documents are made digital and processed into our review platform, with a unique workflow to leave no stone unturned.

Key Elements

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