Who are CYFOR Legal?

Introducing CYFOR Legal: The eDiscovery Experts.

The CYFOR Group offers a comprehensive range of Digital Forensic, Cyber Security, and eDiscovery Services. Throughout our 20 years in business, the CYFOR Group has grown exponentially. But so has the expectations of our clients. Furthermore, vendors crowd the eDiscovery industry, unable to provide the right level of service at the right cost. From this issue, CYFOR Legal launched.

CYFOR Legal is the leading boutique provider of eDiscovery and litigation support services in the UK. With our expert team also holding a global presence within the eDiscovery landscape.

Over the past two decades, we have successfully completed hundreds of eDiscovery projects. This has led to some of the most highly publicised litigations. Alongside public enquiries, it has ensured that the disclosure process is handled efficiently, effectively, and within budget all the way.

We Speak eDiscovery, so you don't have to.

Here at CYFOR Legal we take pride in our proactive and personable approach to our services. Through strong partnerships, we actively collaborate as an extension to your legal team. Here we establish a clear line of communication from the moment you engage us.

What makes CYFOR Legal unique?
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Our Unrivalled Consultancy
Our Unrivalled Consultancy Our eDiscovery specialists bring a broad range of experience and expertise that makes our team unique. From FTSE 500 companies, in-house Legal teams and Law Enforcement, the capabilities of our consultants make us well-equipped to handle a wealth of legal matters. CYFOR Legal is dedicated to providing reliable, round-the-clock assistance to our clients. Alongside the utilisation of the best in business eDiscovery workflows, designed to ease any heavy lifting during document review exercises.
Our Technology-Focused Approach
CYFOR Legal utilises industry-leading forensic collection, processing, and document review technology to ensure a robust and reliable deliverable in line with client requirements. We make eDiscovery simple, provide the right training, and ensure our case teams understand why we use certain technology so critical evidence is not overlooked. Our technology also helps find relevant information in the most complex of data sets. However, no case is too small!
Our Unique Pricing Structure
We understand the importance of cost certainty and that no two projects are the same. With this in mind, CYFOR Legal take time to fully understand your project requirements and tailor costings which ensures that you only pay for what you need to. No Gigabyte Fees, No Unexpected Costs, No Nonsense.
Our Results Driven Attitude
Our mission is to provide our clients with unrivalled, end-to-end eDiscovery solutions during legal matters and investigations. eDiscovery can cost corporates and law firms significant time and money and getting it right is key to ensuring all parties remain within the purview of the law, cost-effectiveness is achieved, and deadlines are met. CYFOR Legal optimises workflows and technologies to manage and preserve the massive amounts of electronic data in today’s world and keeps things simple to ensure our clients can concentrate on what they do best!
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At CYFOR Legal, we pride ourselves on actively taking a proactive and personable approach to our services. We vigilantly collaborate through strong partnerships, working as an extension to your legal team. Further, we establish a clear line of communication from the moment you engage us.

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