International Forensic Data Collection

The collection of data in a forensically sound manner is crucial within eDiscovery, and digital forensic investigations, to ensure that accurate evidence is presented in court.

The project required collecting items from ninety-five custodians, comprising two hundred and fifty-six devices such as laptops, hard drives, and mobile phones from international forensic data collection.

Our onsite investigators, led by an eDiscovery Project Manager, oversaw every stage of the EDRM model. They conducted onsite acquisitions, hosted and facilitated the Early Case Assessment, processed the data, and managed the reviewers on the review platform.

Early Case Assessment

We conducted an Early Case Assessment meeting, during which our experts quickly determined the exact file types required from each device. This enabled us to exclude irrelevant data, significantly reducing the volume at the earliest stage. As a result, we cut down the processing time on our chosen Online Document Review platform and decreased the overall ingestion cost.

Additionally, we actively managed twenty reviewers on the review platform, each from different parties with distinct permissions to the relevant data.

Industry Leading Online Document Review Platforms

CYFOR Legal utilise premium eDiscovery software, in the form of industry leading tools. This is an advanced online review platform that incorporates several invaluable features post data collection. This includes email threading, predictive coding, and search analytics. These vastly improve review speeds and allow further data filtration and visualisation. This further allowing you to find the exact information you require quickly and efficiently.

Key Elements within Data Collection:

Overseas Collection
The above large-scale forensic collection overseas included 95 Custodians, with 256 exhibits forensically imaged.
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Data Processing
With over 45TB of data being processed by 20 Active Reviewers, across 3 tiers of permissions.
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