Benefits of Using an Online Review Platform.

What are the Benefits of Online Document Review?

The times of manual document review saw solicitors and their teams sit for hours, even days on end, looking through physical documents to find information about the case they are working on. The process is both tedious and expensive. Thanks to the advancing world of technology and AI, we can now utilise online tools to streamline the online document review process.

There are numerous benefits of using an online document review platform within the eDiscovery process. As a powerful and indispensable tool, it can allow for the efficient and effective management of large amounts of electronically stored information (ESI). Both within commercial litigation and dispute resolution, while significantly reducing overall costs.

Below is a summary of the advantages of using an online document review platform, which should help you decide on whether or not to use one in your next litigation matter.

  • When handling large volumes of data
  • If applying search terms to the data is useful.
  • While coding, tagging, and categorising the data is crucial.
  • When complicated redactions are required.
  • If electronic disclosure lists, productions and court bundles are required.
  • When secure access from home or elsewhere is required, or your employees are in multiple locations.
  • When the volume of data prohibits making hard copies of the files.
  • When the rebuilding of email discussions is required.
  • When data analytics are required (how many files of given types were associated with which custodians etc.).
  • When seeking a court-trained independent forensic expert who will aid your case.
  • eDiscovery training is made available.
  • When working with a tight disclosure deadline and reduced costs are critical.

Through the intelligent use of an online review platform to review documents, the productivity of your legal review team can be immediately improved.

CYFOR Legal utilise industry leading online document review platforms to maximise review efficiency. With our experts providing eDiscovery training if required. Talk to one of our consultants about how we can assist you in your review.

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