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Why Does Data Need to be Forensically Collected?

The collection of data in a forensically sound manner is crucial within eDiscovery, and digital forensic investigations, to ensure that

Who are CYFOR Legal?

Introducing CYFOR Legal: The eDiscovery Experts. Who are CYFOR Legal? The CYFOR Group offers a comprehensive range of Digital Forensic,

Predict the Cost of your Litigation.

You should know that there is no cheat code to predict the cost of your litigation BUT there are ways

Exploring Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

Technology Assisted Review is a crucial tool within eDiscovery due to the increasing amounts of data generated and the disproportionate

EDRM 2.0 is on the Horizon.

EDRM has launched the EDRM 2.0 Project to update the iconic eDiscovery Model. EDRM has recently announced plans to revise

Benefits of Using an Online Review Platform.

What are the Benefits of Online Document Review? The times of manual document review saw solicitors and their teams sit

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