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With the rising volume of so called ‘big data’ and expanding data storage capacity, law firms must adopt a proactive stance towards data discovery, retention, review, and management. Enter eDiscovery, the method of actively locating, securing, and analysing electronic data and ESI. With the aim of using it as evidence in litigation and dispute resolution. 

At CYFOR Legal, we gather all relevant data for your case, transforming unstructured data into a more structured, searchable format. When you upload documents to our online review platform, this streamlines your review process by allowing filters to run over all the involved metadata. This cloud-based platform further allows for all involved individuals to access documents scheduled for review in a hybrid model. With support on hand from our experts if needed also.  

Fact: Data can be found in various forms, categorised into four main groups: unstructured, structured, semi-structured, and social. 

In response to the challenges posed by ‘big data’ and expanding storage capacities, law firms are further compelled to proactively manage data throughout its lifecycle. eDiscovery offers a solution by enabling the active retrieval, safeguarding, and analysis of electronic data and ESI to support legal efforts. 

At CYFOR Legal, our expertise lies in efficiently gathering relevant data and converting it into a structured format for streamlined review. And, with our cloud-based solution facilitating seamless access and expert support available as needed. We ensure a comprehensive approach to data management tailored to the demands of modern legal practice. 

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"Working with the CYFOR Legal team was a game-changer for our legal team. They provided us with a reliable and efficient service which is essential to us in every aspect. "

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"Lorna’s know-how, guidance and support throughout the project has been spot on. If I have any more big disclosure projects, I’d love to work with Lorna again."

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"May I thank you and your colleagues for supporting me on this very stressful project. I appreciate it"

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"I would like to thank the entire Legal team for their assistance, they were there to answer any questions I had during the process. Amazing service! "

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"It was similarly a pleasure working with yourself and the team. You made a daunting disclosure process a lot easier!"

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