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Data Processing & Filtering

Data processing is a crucial step in the eDiscovery process for everyone involved. It involves organising, filtering, and preparing all relevant documents and ESI for the review and analysis phases. Here the transformation of unstructured data into structured data occurs before uploading to a document review platform. This ensures the complete integrity and compliance of all involved data with legal requirements. 

Our Process  

During this stage of the eDiscovery process the steps are as follows:  

Step 1: Data Preservation & Collection 

Once our expert team have identified the data sources, preservation is vital. The protection of all meta-data is paramount because it is essential that all data remains untouched and untampered, as this can make or break a case.   

Once this stage is complete, we will evaluate the best approach to collect your data and devices. This can include the following methods: 

  • Onsite Collection 
  • Remote Collection (Download through an intranet) 
  • SFTP or Secure file transfer protocol  
  • Pulse Box (CYFORs creation) 
  • Secure CYFOR courier  
  • Postman or Drop Off 
Step 2: Data Filtering & Reduction 

Data set reduction is key here allowing for a streamlined process to be achieved. Applying accurate filtering methods allows for irrelevant data to be entirely removed. This may be achieved through running key word, data, custodian and file type searches. 

Step 3: De Duplication  

De-duplication eliminates duplicate copies of files, messages, and emails across all datasets. Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and specific algorithms further identify duplicates, retaining only singular documents.  

Why is Data Processing Crucial in eDiscovery?

  • Streamlined Data Management: Data processing simplifies complex datasets, making them manageable and navigable. By converting raw data into organised formats, legal teams can quickly identify relevant information without sifting through volumes of irrelevant details.

  • Enhanced Data Filtering: Data filtering is a key component of eDiscovery that significantly reduces the volume of data under consideration. By applying advanced filters based on specific parameters like date ranges, keywords, or topics, we can isolate only the most pertinent documents. This targeted approach not only accelerates the review process but also increases focus on the materials that truly matter.

  • Effective De-Duplication: De-duplication is essential for eliminating redundancies, ensuring that each piece of data is unique and relevant. This process minimises review times and resource consumption, providing a cleaner, more accurate dataset for legal review. By removing duplicates, we ensure that efforts are not wasted on reviewing multiple instances of the same document, thereby streamlining the decision-making process.

  • Cost Efficiency: Efficient data processing translates into lower storage costs and reduced labour for data review. By optimising the data early in the eDiscovery process, we significantly cut down on the resources required for subsequent phases, including review and analysis.

  • Increased Accuracy and Reliability: Through meticulous data processing, we enhance the reliability of the data pool, which forms the basis for all legal conclusions and strategies. This accuracy is critical in upholding the integrity of the legal process and achieving favourable and defensible outcomes.

Our priority is to gather all necessary data for review before processing and uploading it to our document review platform. This is done efficiently and so, adheres to legal deadlines and provides a user-friendly review experience. All whilst allowing its user to analyse and organise their data through specific metadata filtering. 

At CYFOR Legal, we leverage cutting-edge technology and expert methodologies in data processing to empower your eDiscovery efforts. Our focus on effective data filtering ensures that you receive only the most relevant, accurate, and actionable data.

Let us help you navigate through your legal challenges with greater ease, accuracy and confidence.. 

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