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Document Review & Analysis

In investigations and litigation, each case and client are unique. At CYFOR Legal, we acknowledge this diversity by adopting a flexible approach. Our expert team is equipped to assess and provide the exact support required for your case, providing as much as you need. 

Industry Leading Review Tools

CYFOR Legal utilises top-tier document review tools, enabling legal professionals to assess and save a large volume of documents across various devices. This user-friendly platform boosts efficiency, enabling individuals to manage data more economically. With cloud-based capabilities, users can reap greater benefits throughout their business and enhance their navigation of datasets further. 

Discover evidence more efficiently by navigating and identifying key documents and ESI with our industry-leading tool. Upload various file types, messaging platform data, and images. Strengthen your case through cloud-based capabilities and predictive coding systems allowing you to reduce the amount of content you must review from the onset.  

Our experts are on hand to guide you through your eDiscovery process. If we identify a better solution for your challenges, we will present it to you. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient process for you throughout. 

We Speak eDiscovery

Collaborating with a specialised eDiscovery vendor not only saves your team time but also cuts costs. By engaging a specialised team, you avoid additional hiring expenses and the need for implementing new, permanent technology across your entire business. Our cloud-based technology enables all team members to access necessary documents for review anytime, anywhere.  

Any questions? Not to worry. When you choose CYFOR Legal for your case, dedicated specialists are assigned to your team, standing by your side from start to finish. 

Case Studies

"Working with the CYFOR Legal team was a game-changer for our legal team. They provided us with a reliable and efficient service which is essential to us in every aspect. "

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"Lorna’s know-how, guidance and support throughout the project has been spot on. If I have any more big disclosure projects, I’d love to work with Lorna again."

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"May I thank you and your colleagues for supporting me on this very stressful project. I appreciate it"

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"I would like to thank the entire Legal team for their assistance, they were there to answer any questions I had during the process. Amazing service! "

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"It was similarly a pleasure working with yourself and the team. You made a daunting disclosure process a lot easier!"

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