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Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Early Case Assessment (ECA) allows individuals to quickly discover crucial electronically stored information (ESI), paper documents, and other potential evidence at the beginning of a legal matter. The documents and information gathered in the ECA stage enable you to assess potential case risks and build a strategic approach from the onset. 

By completing this process, you can estimate potential costs right from the start of your investigation or litigation. Sorting through data early ultimately allows for you to concentrate solely on reviewing relevant information. Further reducing both time and overall costs. 

ECA is an essential tool when understanding the scope of your investigation or litigation. It allows for the individual to assess how much data is involved in the case, where it is located and the scale of the investigation or litigation too.  

The Process.

The process of ECA is completed on our cutting-edge document review platform which enables you to focus on what is important. This is further underpinned by effective search tools and search term capabilities, both aiding your process further. 

Uploading your data to our online review platform assists in gaining a thorough understanding of the overall dataset you are working with too. This, in turn, helps determine key factors such as file types, file sizes, custodians, and date ranges before you commence your review.  

All of the above is further supported by data sampling. A process within which analysis of relevancy in a small set of ESI is completed. The goal here is to determine how many relevant documents might surface throughout the entire dataset, preventing wasted review time and avoiding incurring extra costs.  

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