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Production, Disclosure & Inspection

CYFOR Legal has experience working with multinational clients and has assisted in various multi-jurisdictional production, disclosure and inspection exercises. We have successfully assisted on traditional disclosure exercises in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules 31b as well as practice direction PD57AD. Which was known as the ‘pilot disclosure scheme’.

We will advise you on the best practices and will tailor the review to meet your disclosure needs.  

The CYFOR Legal team undertakes extensive disclosure checks ensuring your disclosable data is consistent, where possible. This helps identify consistency checks with privileged and redacted material and provides you with a report on the findings during the quality control stage. Document inspection is prepared in a traditional electronic format.

Here, our team aids you in uploading the oppositions disclosure to our online document review platform, streamlining your review of their evidence. This can also be prepared for litigants in person or opponents that do not have access to eDiscovery tools.  

Case Studies


"Working with the CYFOR Legal team was a game-changer for our legal team. They provided us with a reliable and efficient service which is essential to us in every aspect. "

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"Lorna’s know-how, guidance and support throughout the project has been spot on. If I have any more big disclosure projects, I’d love to work with Lorna again."

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"May I thank you and your colleagues for supporting me on this very stressful project. I appreciate it"

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Ben Knowles

"I would like to thank the entire Legal team for their assistance, they were there to answer any questions I had during the process. Amazing service! "

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"It was similarly a pleasure working with yourself and the team. You made a daunting disclosure process a lot easier!"

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